jQuery UI Spinner Widget 1.10

I’ve uploaded a revised jQuery UI Spinner widget, version 1.10, based upon a lot of excellent feedback from the jQuery UI team. New features include mousewheel scrolling, decimal support, customizable prefixes/suffixes for currency/percents, improved input masking and maxlength handling, HTML5 markup support, lots of bug fixes, and more.

jquery.ui.spinner Git Repository
jQuery UI Spinner Widget Example

As it turns out, the jQuery UI team already had a spinner widget sitting in their files that hadn’t been worked on in a while, so I’m working with Ca-Phun Ung to see if we can finish getting it up-to-date, polished, and with some of the new features from my widget incorporated into it. Stay tuned for more info.

One thought on “jQuery UI Spinner Widget 1.10”

  1. Hi,
    In if we try the spinner example in chrome, some spinners (for eg: the one with maxlength example)are having two set of arrows, one inside the text box and one outside.Can we solve this issue?


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