Couchbase and N1QL Security

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As a developer at CenterEdge Software, I’ve had a lot of cause to use Couchbase as our NoSQL databasing platform over the last few years.  I’ve gotten really excited about the potential of the new Couchbase query language in Couchbase 4.0, called N1QL.  So excited that I’ve spent a lot of time contributing to the Linq2Couchbase library, which allows developers to use LINQ to transparently create N1QL queries.

In doing work with N1QL, I quickly realized that it may have some of the same security concerns as SQL.  In particular, N1QL injection could be a new surface area for attack in Couchbase 4.0.  That’s what I call the N1QL equivalent of SQL injection.  I found that while the risks are lower in N1QL than in SQL, there are still some areas that need to be addressed by application developers using Couchbase.

As a result, I did some research and recently wrote a guest post on N1QL security for Couchbase users.  It researches possible N1QL injection security concerns, then goes into how to protect your applications when using N1QL.